Overriding entity mapping

By default, this bundle sets the type of database columns which store amounts to decimal with the precision set to 10 and scale set to 5. This means that the greatest amount you are able to process is 99999.99999.

In case you need to accept payments of greater value, it’s possible to override the entity mapping supplied by this bundle and use a custom one. Keep reading for instructions on how to do this.


In a future major release, amounts will be stored as strings, thus removing this limitation.

Copying the mapping files

Start by copying the mapping files from this bundle to your application:

cd my-app
mkdir -p config/packages/JMSPaymentCoreBundle
cp vendor/jms/payment-core-bundle/JMS/Payment/CoreBundle/Resources/config/doctrine/* config/packages/JMSPaymentCoreBundle/

You now have a copy of the following mapping files under config/packages/JMSPaymentCoreBundle:

  • Credit.orm.xml
  • FinancialTransaction.orm.xml
  • Payment.orm.xml
  • PaymentInstruction.orm.xml

Configuring custom mapping

The next step is to tell Symfony to use your copy of the files instead of the ones supplied by this bundle:

# config/packages/doctrine.yml

        # ...
                type: xml
                dir: '%kernel.root_dir%/config/packages/JMSPaymentCoreBundle'
                prefix: JMS\Payment\CoreBundle\Entity
                alias: JMSPaymentCoreBundle

Overriding decimal columns

Symfony is now using your custom mapping. Taking PaymentInstruction.orm.xml as an example, we can increase the maximum value of the amount column as follows:

<!-- config/packages/JMSPaymentCoreBundle/PaymentInstruction.orm.xml -->

<!-- Set maximum value to 9999999999.99999 -->
<field name="amount" type="decimal" precision="15" scale="5" />


Make sure you change the definition of all the decimal columns in all the mapping files.

Updating the database

Now that you changed the mapping, you need to update your database schema.

If you’re not using database migrations:

bin/console doctrine:schema:update

Or, if you’re using migrations:

bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff
bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate